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Alternative Real Estate Investment Opportunity

First trust deed is a primary lien on a property, ensuring top repayment priority.

At below 60% LTV, it offers a significant equity cushion, enhancing security for lenders Investing in Real Estate First Trust Deed Notes provides a competitive risk-adjusted return, outperforming many other asset classes.

All loans Are Secured By Non-Owner Occupied Single Family Residential And Mixed Use Property.

Invest along with the significant capital of sponsors.

Comparison Of Investment Classes: Class A vs. Class B

Criteria/Investment Class
Class A Investors
Class B Investors
Minimum Investment
$1,000,000 or more (Management has discretion to accept lower minimum amounts up to $100,000)
Management Fee
0.5% of pro-rata share of Assets Under Management
2.0% of pro-rata share of Assets Under Management
Prefered Return
Carry/Profits Allocation to Manager
Net Profits Allocation to Investor
80% (Distributed pro-rata among Class B Investors)
Frequency of Distribution
Ideal Investor
Investors who are looking for downside protection, lower fee, or expect moderate fund performance.
Investors looking for higher profit-sharing in case of significant fund outperformance and are willing to bear a higher fee.
Performance Implication
Advantageous if the fund just reaches the preferred return or performs slightly better due to the lower management fee.
Beneficial if the fund outperforms significantly because of their profit-sharing structure, even after the higher management fee.

Past performance is not indicative of future results, which may vary materially. A loss of principal may occur.